(Photo by Nick Moodie)

The Bowie Lounge: Idiot Love

The Bowie Lounge is an eclectic, mixed-discipline response to the music of David Bowie.

Performed by a cast of outstanding musicians, actors, dancers and artists, it combines music, spoken word, dance and live art in an enthralling and mesmerising display of creativity, inspired by the songs of the greatest rock star the world has ever seen.

A strange and wonderful experience… I absolutely love this show! Mark Kermode (Film critic)

Clever, surprising, dramatic – and, just as importantly, huge fun! Nicholas Pegg (The Complete David Bowie)

Relentlessly brilliant… Annamaria Murphy (Kneehigh Theatre, Radio 4)

Visually and sonically overpowering and completely unique… Mark Jenkin (Bait, Bronco’s House)

Alternating moments of devastating melancholy and joyous celebration. Cornwall Today

Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA), 2019

(Photos by Nick Moodie)

Port Eliot Festival, Cornwall. 2019

(Photos by Nick Moodie)

(Photos by FC)

Goonhilly Apollo 50, Cornwall. 2019

(Photos by Nick Moodie)

(Photos by Esther Arce)

Academy of Music and Theatre Arts (AMATA), 2018

(Photos by Nick Moodie)